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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The image shows an aurora spreading accross the sky over mountains and a lake. The aurora resembles curtains made out of etheric, yet vibrant glow. It reflects in the lake underneath.

Auroras, Northern or Polar lights are fascinating and awe-inspiring light displays on the sky in polar regions. Resembling curtains made out of etheric, yet vibrant glow, auroras always fascinated people. Their slow wavy movement across the sky brings humble feeling and creates a bridge between Earth and space. Indeed, auroras displays are the result of immediate connection between particles from the outer space, especiallyparticles leaving the atmosphere of our Sun, and Earth’s magnetic field. Although Earth’s magnetic field deviate charged particles away, there is a possible path where particles can protrude deeper in Earth’s atmosphere. It is through the polar regions, where the magnetic field lines converge. When energetic particles hit atoms and molecules of Earth’s atmosphere, they made them glow. Sometimes, when there is a major solar storm, auroras can be noticed outside of the polar regions.

Learn more about auroras, the mechanism of their creation, their role in the history body in our audio booklet. The audio booklet will discuss auroras on other planets too.

Listen to the audio

Audio booklet: Aurora

Sound: Aurora

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Tactile image: Aurora

Tactile image: Aurora formation

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3D model: Sun


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