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We bring the science of space weather into your hands! Explore the fascinating field of space weather through touch and sounds. We create educational materials for secondary students about Earth, Sun and other engaging topics related to space weather.
We focus on blind and visually impaired students by providing audio booklets and tactile images; however, anyone can get inspired and learn about space weather with us.

All materials are free to download.


The image shows an old book with the title: Northern lights, the science behind its beauty

Audio booklets

Listen to the stories and the science behind solar storms, Earth’s magnetic field, Moon exploration, and more! We have prepared for you audio booklets that you can download to your device or directly stream them here. Sonified auroras and other sound effects are included.

Coming soon!

Tactile images

To bring the alluring images of space and from space to the blind and visually impaired people, we prepared several tactile images that help to explain various topics. You can download the materials, follow the instructions and make your own tactile image! We believe that your blind or visually impaired friend will appreciate it.

The image shows four examples of tactile images: the Sun with its solar wind envisioned by beads, two radiation belts around Earth envisioned by sandpaper of two different strengths of Earth's magnetic field created by wires. One example shows how solar wind envisioned by beads flows around Earth's magnetic field. In contrast, the second example shows how solar wind particles can be directed by magnetic field lines towards Earth's atmosphere.
3D models.jpg

Tactile images

3D models

Do you have a 3D printer? Check this list of 3D models that we have compiled for you.  All models are relevant to the topics we discuss in the space weather field and can help blind and visually impaired people to envision the structure of satellites, the Sun, Earth, and more!


You can explore all the material through the topics we have selected for you. Learn about the topic, listen to the relevant audio booklet, create tactile images or print your 3D models. Check out the whole list of ten topics related to space weather.

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