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Radiation dose

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The image shows an astronaut flowting in the space. Tiny thin layer of Earth's atmosphere is seen in the back of the image.

People might be concern about radiation they get when having x-ray at their dentist. However, is it truly that worrying? Classical dental x-ray gives the same amount of radiation dose as we get from the natural background in one day. Some procedures are more severe but still, relatively comparable to yearly doses we get from the background. But is there another way how to get increased dose of radiation? Yes! Take a flight, ideally through the polar regions, and make sure you fly during a radiation storm! That is the perfect recipe how to get some extra radiation dose in your body. Of course, no one wants that. During a very strong radiation storm, passengers can get even their yearly limit. Crew that is exposed to radiation nearly daily is then more endangered when the Sun is very active. And what about astronauts? They are not protect by the atmosphere, so the doses they can get are much higher.

Learn more about radiation dose, its sources, both solar and galactic, and what does radiation do to human body in our audio booklet.

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Audio booklet: Radiation dose

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