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Earth’s magnetic field

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The image shows Sun and a stream of tiny particles from it. These particles lead to Earth and its magnetic field that is depicted as thin curved lines going from the North magnetic pole to the South magnetic pole. The field lines on the side of Earth that is away from the Sun are prolonged, while those lines facing the Sun are more pressed.

It might look weak, but it is strong enough to protect our lives. We talk about Earth’s magnetic field. With its strength of roughly 30 μT (micro Tesla) that is ten times more than the magnetic field your microwave produces in the distance of about 30cm, but with its huge size, surrounding the Earth and reaching into space, it is strong enough. It deviates energetic particles coming from the Sun and deep universe so they do not easily protrude into our atmosphere. It is the shield that our Earth luckily has, unlike Mars that stands naked in the shower of harmful particles. However, every shield has its limits. If a coronal mass ejection, a chunk of solar plasma, reaches the Earth’s magnetic field, it does interact with it and can cause a geomagnetic storm. .

Learn more about Earth’s magnetic field and its properties in our audio booklet. You will find out more on radiation belts, South Atlantic anomaly and details on a major event that caused fires in telegraph stations – the Carrington event.

Listen to the audio

Audio booklet: Earth’s Magnetic Field

Sound: Aurora

Make tactile images

Tactile image: Earth's magnetic field

Tactile image: Radiation belts

Tactile image: Space weather

Tactile image: Aurora

Tactile image: Aurora formation

Print 3D models

3D model: Earth

3D model: Mars


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